Content is key.

It is time that I started actually writing consistently on this blog.

This is my corner of the web. A place where I can share ideas, practice writing, geek out, and ruminate about interesting problems. I intend to use my blog as a medium of expression, a potpurri of selected sentences that might be thought-provoking, controversial, or just generally interesting.

I read a lot of web-based content. The difference between blogs that try to post insightful content but later devolve into a meme and the blogs that are engaging is consistency. This is not always the case, but the bloggers who have truly mastered the art of expressing themselves and their thoughts through written web content are the ones who have practiced their craft. Likewise, my hope is to get better. I don't have intentions of becoming the next Casey Neistat, but I do hope that my content will improve and become more engaging as time moves forward.

This is why I'm committing1 myself to writing a blog post an average of at least once a month, forcing myself to observe, synthesize, and challenge the world around me through medium blocks of text. For those reading this, I would appreciate any constructive feedback or criticisms on future or existing posts.

[1]: Committing within reason. I'm an extremely busy junior in high school who has a lot of different responsibilities. There will be times when I simply do not have time to write a post (despite the fact that I may really want to). This is why I said an average of once a month. On occasions when I don't post for a long period of time, there may be more posts in a given month to compensate for the lack thereof in previous months. The point is, I want to write and express my thoughts much more often than I currently am.